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Social Movements from the South urge Governments in the UNFCCC negotiations not to give the World Bank a mandate in Climate Finance

CANCUN, 2 December 2010 — Civil society groups today expressed strong opposition to the efforts of Annex 1 governments to give the World Bank a central role in the global climate financial architecture.

Climate finance is one of the crucial issues being deliberated in the climate summit and Cancun is an area where some progress is expected to be achieved. Parties are aiming to reach agreements on the establishment of a global climate fund. The United States and member governments of the European Union have made clear their position that the World Bank be given a major role in the setting up and/or management of climate finance.

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Solidarity Actions Needed for the People of Pakistan!

The whole nation of Pakistan continues to reel from devastating impacts of the unprecedented disaster that hit the country over a month ago.

The responses thus far from the international community are far from adequate and, in the case of the IMF, World Bank and ADB, even deplorable. These institutions have chosen to offer more loans rather than cancel the debts they claim from Pakistan. Together, loans from these institutions and other multilateral financial institutions constitute more than 50% of Pakistan's total outstanding external debts. As of 2009 outstanding credits from the IMF are US$5.1B, outstanding loans from the World Bank amount to US$11.5B and from the ADB it is US$9B. Bilateral loans comprise more than 30%. The major bilateral lenders are Japan (US$6.67B), France (US$B2.17B), Germany (US$1.82B), USA (US$1.51), and China (US$1.88B). Total external debt of Pakistan as of 2009 is US$50.7B. (for more information see Annexes)

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A Call For Total And Unconditional Debt Cancellation For Pakistan!

The Jubilee South-Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JS-APMDD) joins the international community in expressing deep solidarity with the people of Pakistan who continue to suffer from the devastating floods that has so far claimed more than a thousand lives, left four million people homeless and damaged 7.9 million acres of farmland and other economic structures. Not only did the floods wreak havoc to lives and property, it also intensely exacerbated the already dire situation of the Pakistani people.

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Challenges to the Notion of Aid Effectiveness

This September 2 to 4, the "Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness" will be held in Accra, Ghana. This meeting will bring together ministers from over 100 countries, and heads of bilateral and international financial institutions from around the world. We join our voices with other movements and civil society organizations that have expressed issues and concerns regarding the process, agenda and outcome of this Forum. In addition to the recommendations endorsed in the common civil society position paper, we present the following calls and challenges:

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