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Cooperation key to solving climate crisis

New report from diverse coalition reveals what governments must do immediately to achieve goals of Paris Agreement

(Marrakech, 11 November) – As government ministers meet in Marrakech to assess global ambition towards addressing climate change in the near-term, a diverse coalition of social movements, environmental and development NGOs, trade unions, and faith groups released a startling new report, Setting the Path towards 1.5°C: A Civil Society Equity Review of pre-2020 Ambition.

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Plus ça change: Paris Agreement enters into force, but more urgent action needed from countries meeting in Marrakech

(Marrakech) Ahead of COP22 civil society leaders from diverse constituencies around the world have voiced their concerns that countries are not doing enough to prevent catastrophic levels of global warming.

The Paris Agreement entered into force on November 4 th , only one day after the UN Environment Programme released its annual Emissions Gap report , which analyses emissions reductions pledges by countries against current temperature targets. The Report found that if the Paris pledges are implemented fully the world will still see temperatures increase up to 3.4 ° C this century, a rise which has been described as "incompatible with an organised global community."

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APMDD inputs tax justice lens into international workshop on social protection

"Tax justice opens concrete opportunities for claiming urgently needed resources in tax protection." This was the main message of APMDD’s contribution at the "Workshop on Expanding on Social Protection Towards Addressing Inequality and Increasing Vulnerabilities under ASEAN Integration" held in Vietnam last 13-14 October 2016.

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Civil society groups tell Green Climate Fund: NO to KEXIM and export credit agencies

SONGDO, Republic of Korea, 11 October 2016 – Civil society groups led a protest action outside the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) a day before the official start of its Fourteenth Meeting of the Board, to voice their opposition to the accreditation to the GCF of export credit agencies (ECAs) like the Korea Export Import Bank (KEXIM).

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Export-Import Bank of Korea: OUT OF CLIMATE!

The Green Climate Fund (GCF)Board holds its 14th board meeting in Songdo, Korea starting tomorrow, during which it will decide, among others, on accrediting certain institutions such as export credit agencies (ECA) to be implementing partners. One such ECA is the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM),whose pending application for accreditation poses yet another threat to the very Fund established “to promote the paradigm shift towards low emission and climate-resilient development pathways by providing support to developing countries”.

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