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APMDD’s reaction to the statement of AIIB President Jin Liqun at the launch of the AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Framework on September 9, 2020 that the bank will not finance any coal-fired power plants and any project functionally related to coal

APMDD reaction to new AIIB statement on coal financing

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Reaction to the report of the Asian Development Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department calling on the bank to revisit its energy policy and align its policy to its 2013 commitment to withdraw from financing new coal-fired energy projects

Climate groups to ADB: We await your immediate coal exit

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SMBC withdraws its application for accreditation amid protests; Close to 300 organizations from 70 countries also signed on a petition calling on the GCF board to reject SMBC’s application

Climate groups claim victory in stopping the GCF accreditation bid of SMBC

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About 260 organizations fighting climate change have signed on a petition calling on the GCF board to reject the application for accreditation of the Japanese megabank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).

Calling on the GCF

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SMBC should show real commitment to align its business strategy with the Paris Agreement by withdrawing and making a total exit from all coal projects. It should also declare that it will not fund any coal project, not even so-called clean coal.

The dirty bit about SMBC