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Villagers protest “illegal” land acquisition by Jharkhand government

For six months now, around 4,000 villagers have camped out a kilometer away from Maujanagri village in India to protest the government's land acquisition which they assert is illegal. The group, which is part of the constituency of the Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD), have surrounded the camp with Sarna, which in Adivasi tradition is a flag declaring that a piece of land cannot be sold or acquired.

The demonstrators are protesting the construction of the Indian Institute of Management and a law university in Maujanagri village. They say that the land has been forcefully grabbed by the state government in 1955. The villagers have been protesting since then while cultivating the controversial piece of land. They have paid land revenue until February 28 this year.

Courtesy of NDTV

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