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APMDD Coordinator Lidy NacpilPhilippines (30 March 2021) -- “The multiple crisis has indeed imbued a much greater urgency to address the debt problem that so many countries have been grappling with for decades. It is a problem that past debt relief measures have failed to solve and present measures are also failing… The debt problem must be understood more broadly, deeply and sharply”.


APMDD Coordinator Lidy Nacpil delivered the intervention at a UN High Level Event on International Debt Architecture and Liquidity held March 29 that aimed to address debt vulnerability as an issue of “sustainability” or capacity to pay.

Nacpil stressed however, that the debt problem is "more than just a problem of liquidity and insolvency". She noted that the “tiny relief that is the temporary suspension of bilateral debt payments for too few countries” will not solve a systemic and structural problem.

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The COVID19 pandemic has brought long-standing social and economic ills to breaking point. We are today deep in a multiple crises of health, economic survival and climate change. With no signs of abating, the crises have already exacted steep costs in terms of millions of lives and jobs lost, and many more languishing in poor health, starvation, homelessness and other forms of deprivation.

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APMDD STATEMENTpdfIMF-World Bank Spring Meetings 2021: Cancel the Debt Now!

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Now is the time for states to recognize the contribution of informal women workers, fulfill their rights and accord them what is long over due!

Make Taxes Work for Women in the Informal Economy

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Today, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ), of which Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia (TAFJA) is the regional formation, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. APMDD and PRAKARSA are currently co-coordinators of TAFJA. See below for the press release published by GATJ.

GATJ nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

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Amidst COVID-19 and lockdowns, violence against women, women’s unpaid care work, job loss, and exposure to health risks have intensified.

Make Taxes Work for Women Now!