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Women & Gender

Relating Conditions of Women in Asia to Issues of Debt, Essential Services and Climate Change

JSAPMDD-WGP-Discussion-Paper---Relating-Conditions-of-Women-June-2013-coverA preliminary discussion paper

Background This discussion paper has been prepared as an initial resource material to support JSAPMDD efforts in developing a campaign in the region on Women and Gender. It gives an overview of women’s conditions in various countries in Asia and some parts of the Pacific, largely using latest data from the United Nations Economic and Social Affairs Commission (UNESCAP). In the subsections, it frames these issues and conditions from a political economic, human rights and feminist perspective, and in relation to focus of JSAPMDD’s 2012-2014 programs, namely: 1) Global Finance and Public Finance; 2) Rights to Essential Services and Natural Resources; and 3) Ecological Debt, Environmental Justice, Climate Change.

The discussion paper may be used in its entirety or by subsections, which were written as stand-alone briefing papers on debt and the international financial institutions, climate change and finance, and essential services and natural resources.

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