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ISSUE BRIEF: Tax Justice Issues in the Philippines’ Investment and Trade Agreements

Tax regimes are commonly seen as separate from investments and trade regimes, with no substantive linkages in between. As well, investments and free trade agreements (FTAs), whether bilateral, regional or multilateral, appear to be only marginally connected with tax matters.

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ISSUE BRIEF: Tax Justice Issues in the Philippines’ Extractives Sector

Large-scale mining investments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea and China, partnering with local elites, continue to destroy lives, communities and the environment in the Philippines. Major mining disasters, the latest being the Philex Mine spill of toxic tailings, have wrought irreversible damage to ecological systems, as well as the local economies that depend on them. In truth, all big mining processes from exploration to extraction are disasters in the making, in icting damage on a daily basis to communities in the area and to the environment.

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ISSUE BRIEF: on the Philippines’ Illicit Financial Flows – Public Money Down the Drain

The Philippines continues to be implicated in heavy illicit financial flows (IFFs), both inbound and outbound, which have been traced largely to the enduring practice of trade mispricing or the under/over-reporting of trade transactions.

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ISSUE BRIEF: DTAs: the Philippine and Indonesian experience

With no internationally agreed tax standards in place, tax treaties or double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAAs/DTAs)have been described as “the most important element of the international tax regime, i.e., the generally applicable rules governing income taxation of cross- border transactions” (Avi-Yonah). They now reportedly number more than 3,000 across the world.

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APMDD Gender and Tax Justice Primer

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