Claire Miranda of Jubilee South, a member of Climate Justice Now!, delivers an Intervention at the COP19 SBI Opening Plenary Session in Warsaw.


My name is Claire Miranda, from Jubilee South, a member of Climate Justice Now!

For affected communities around the world, including where I come from in the Philippines, the issue of loss and damage is urgent and requires action now.

Although we have contributed least to the problem of climate change, we are among the most affected. We are already losing our lives and livelihoods, our homes and our territory, to extreme and slow onset events.

Thousands of my fellow Filipinos and Filipinas have died in the past days from the strongest typhoon ever – losses that cannot be valued in monetary terms. Catastrophic events like Typhoon Yolanda also cause economic losses that set us back decades on our development pathways.

We urgently need a mechanism that will provide our governments with the means to address the loss and damage that is beyond adaptation. Let us be clear – no one – not in the US and certainly not in the Philippines – can adapt to a typhoon like Yolanda. The loss and damage that results from these events is directly related to the scandalous and immoral mitigation gap that developed countries show no sign of closing. In the absence of Annex I mitigation, we must have a mechanism to address the loss and damage that will result from the consequences of inaction.