bangladesh june 7 2011Environmentalists, green activists and civil society members on Thursday said Bangladesh needed technical and financial support from the developed countries to go with the green economy initiatives.

All these support must be unconditional and free of cost as they have done big damage to the sustainability of the earth through carbon emission, causing all the worse to country like Bangladesh, said experts at a seminar.

Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, Bangladesh Paribesh Andolan, EquityBD, BARCIK and BWN jointly organised the seminar at Bangabandu International Conference Centre on 're-directive development and Rio+20: progress and perspective Bangladesh'.

At the seminar Bangladesh Parliament Caucus on Climate Change Junaid Ahmed Palak, Centre for Policy Dialogue distinguished fellow Debapriaya Bhattacharya and Dhaka University professor Mahbuba Nasrin spoke among others, said in a press release.

They said Bangladesh representatives to the RIO+20 Summit should stand strongly for state sovereignty and future security of the next generation.

Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association executive director Rezwana Hasan said developed countries were trying to impose the idea of green economy on the developing and poor countries without discussion.

Published in New Age – Online Edition