bangladesh november 15 2012Climate activists from 16 civil society organisations (CSOs) Thursday protested recent announcement of World Bank (WB) to maintain control over climate resilience fund.

They also criticised the government's dubious role in the position over the authority in the fund.

The CSOs were speaking at a human chain organised by them at the National Press Club in the capital.

The climate activists demanded for authority of 'a single autonomous board under democratic ownership' on the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF) and Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF).

According to them, democratic ownership means ensuring active representation from all political parties specially the leading and chief opposition parties, the civil society, the victims and experts.

Climate activist Md Badurl Alam while criticising the dubious role of the government said: "In January 2010, the government declaration was that the government itself will own the fund and WB will manage the fund only for three years – they will be involved in capacity development and gradually will hand over the management to the government".

"But, now the WB is screwing the government to take full control over the fund blackmailing over the Padma Bridge finance issue," he claimed.

Mr Alam lambasted the WB for its slippage from earlier commitment to take 1 per cent as service charge from the funds.

"Now it has announced to take 4 per cent as service charge, which is unethical" he added.

Environmental activist Joyannta Acharja said, "Most of the WB investment is spanned in heavy industries which are mostly responsible for climate change scenario, so WB is also responsible for the global warming and climate change consequences".

Published in The Financial Express.