A press conference was organized by Sushasoner Jonny Pracharavizan (SUPRO) on October 10 at the Conference Room of Dhaka Reporters Unity to announce the organization's actions during the Global Week of Action vs Debt and IFIs. Uma Chowdhury, Director of SUPRO, facilitated the press conference while Sharifa Khatun, Executive Board Member of SUPRO, read the organization's statement.

The speakers demanded the cancellation of the country's debts at the same time that they criticized the intervention of international financial institutions (IFIs) such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in their nation's development processes.

They stressed that debt has been an obstacle to development as payments for debt eat up a large part of public financing. It was pointed out that the allocation for interest payments on the debt is much higher than appropriations for essential services. The panelists called on their government to prioritize spending on services such as health and education and to desist from privatizing and commercializing government institutions.

Criticizing the role of the World Bank in managing climate funds, the speakers called for a "sovereign development planning" that is free from undue interventions by the IMF, World Bank and other financial institutions.