On April 2, planning workshops were conducted aimed at developing specific plans for promoting the climate justice agenda in Asian inter-governmental processes namely the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The participants broke out into two workshop groups with the Southeast Asians focusing on ASEAN and the South Asians on SAARC.

The ASEAN group highlighted the context of the ASEAN by pointing out that energy and the utilization of natural resources is deeply related with economic integration in ASEAN. The group stressed the importance of making use of the ASEAN Summit to surface issues not only on climate finance but also on the acceleration of the privatization of essential services and the massive exploitation of natural resources as well as issues of illegitimate debt.

In terms of engaging the ASEAN, the group agreed that engagements should be aimed at: 1) understanding the ASEAN process and locating JSAPMDD's position and demands; 2) making use of venues and alternative processes to raise the alliance's positions; and 3) spearheading civil society engagement in ASEAN regarding climate change. It was also shared that JSAPMDD will co-organize workshops during the ASEAN People's Forum in May.

Meanwhile, the SAARC group identified as its major focus the strengthening and broadening of the campaign towards the development of a critical mass against IFIs such as the World Bank and ADB and their role in climate finance.

The group further reported that SAAPE would be requested to organize a climate justice slot in its regional process before the official SAARC takes place in Maldives. Participants from various countries can then coordinate with their national processes and popularize the campaign against IFIs' role in climate finance.