Deep, Drastic Cuts in GHG Emissions by Annex 1 Countries!"Cut your emissions, we demand reparations now! Annex 1 pay your due, No to pledge and review!", these were the key messages chanted by JSAPMDD members during its second day of protest actions right outside the gates of the UNESCAP building.

Carrying cardboard cut-outs shaped as scissors with the demand for the US, EU and Annex 1 countries to cut their GHG emissions, the JSAPMDD demonstrators said on April 4 that they reject any proposal that dilutes the common but differentiated principle and agreements on emission reductions.

JSAPMDD leaders criticized the decisions reached in Cancun where the US suggested that countries submit voluntary commitments in emissions reduction contrary to the UNFCCC principle.

"The US proposition of pledge and review approach is clearly an attempt to evade reductions and create divisions among developing countries," said Teguh Surya of WALHI Indonesia in a statement.

Deep, Drastic Cuts in GHG Emissions by Annex 1 Countries! 2JSAPMDD is opposed to any effort of international financial institutions, private corporations and governments that promote "solutions" that merely pass off unsafe and dangerous technologies in the guise of "clean" technologies. Real solutions, according to the group, lie in Annex 1 countries committing to deep, drastic cuts in emissions through internationally binding agreements.