Days before the meeting of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Tokyo, Japan last July 12 to 14, 2011, fifty-eight (58) civil society organizations and social movements from across the globe launched an email action addressed to members of the TC urging them not give the World Bank a role in the GCF.

"It was much to our dismay that the World Bank was appointed as Trustee of the Green Climate Fund for the interim period. Its role should end there. It should not be given a place in the regular structures and operations of the Fund. Our experience and knowledge of the World Bank lead us to believe it is not an institution that should be entrusted with such a Fund," stated the email action led by Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD) and posted at the www.worldbank website.

The Conference of Parties (COP 16) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) decided last December 2010 to set up the GCF. The decision included the formation of a Transitional Committee with the task of drafting a proposed design for the GCF and submitting it for action at the next COP in Durban, South Africa in December 2011. A related decision was to name the World Bank as "trustee" of the Fund for the "interim period." The role of the Trustee and the length of interim period were not made very explicit in the decision.

"The World Bank has a long track record of aggressively promoting fossil fuel projects and other programs that exacerbate climate change and harm the environment. An institution that actively promotes the causes of global warming should not be given a role in global climate finance," part of the email action said.

Aside from the email action, members of JSAPMDD and its network also sent letters to Ambassadors of Norway, Mexico and South Africa as the three countries are the Co-Chairs of the Transitional Committee.

Similar to the email action, the letter urged the Ambassadors to relay to their governments the strong opposition to the World Bank having a role in the GCF.

The letter also stated that climate finance is needed by the people of the developing countries to enable them to deal with the impacts of climate change and pursue an alternative development pathway for equitable and sustainable societies. The letter pointed out that "it is the obligation of developed countries ("Annex 1") under the UNFCCC to provide this finance."

The email action to the TC members and the letter to the ambassadors are a response to the Climate Action Alert Number 1 signed by 58 organizations from all over the globe. The action alert urged the public to send the email action and letter to ambassadors as well as letters to the editor.