JSAPMDD demand climate debt reparations in protest actionOn Sunday, April 3, members of JSAPMDD kicked off a series of protest actions during the United Nations climate talks in Bangkok by demonstrating in front of the UN ESCAP building and demanding reparations from rich industrialized countries for the climate debt they owe to developing countries.

Civil society leaders from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia carried a huge effigy of Uncle Sam symbolizing how the United States and other Annex 1 countries are dominating climate talks, evading their responsibilities for the climate crisis, and moving away from attaining legally binding agreements.

Chanting "pay up, pay up, pay up your climate debt", JSAPMDD members took turns speaking at the demonstration as they stressed the need for the US and Annex 1 countries to recognize their historical responsibilities in causing and exacerbating the global climate crisis.

In a statement, Willy D' Costa of the Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) said that despite comprising only a quarter of the world's population, Annex 1 or North countries directly account for three quarters of historical GHG emissions.

"Not only have the Annex 1 countries denied developing countries – or countries of the South – their rightful share of atmospheric space, the excessive emissions of Annex 1 countries have led to global warming and climate change. They owe a huge climate debt to the peoples and countries of the South," D' Costa said.

The protesters pointed out that reparations should be in the form of deep and drastic cuts through domestic measures as they criticized the way the US has been trying to avoid forging internationally legally binding agreements while insisting on a pledge and review approach.