In the afternoon of April 3, JSAPMDD members joined the demonstration of the Thai Working Group on Climate Justice in front of the UNESCAP building.

Val Vibal of the Freedom from Debt Coalition as well as the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice spoke out during the rally to highlight the demands of JSAPMDD in view of the climate talks being conducted by the United Nations.

In solidarity with the Thai groups, JSAPMDD also issued a statement circulated to the media stressing its demand for reparations from rich industrialized countries for the latter's climate debt owed to South or developing countries.

JSAPMDD pointed out that South countries suffer the consequences of global warming most intensely and bear greater and multiple vulnerabilities to climate change despite having negligible contributions to the excessive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause the earth's temperature to rise.

It called on all Governments and Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to firmly uphold the principles of historical responsibilities and of common but differentiated responsibilities.

JSAPMDD also stressed that Governments of the South have the responsibility to attend urgently to the needs of their people. There should be a national effort to mobilize domestic resources and prioritize adaptation and other basic needs of the peoples of the South, and the pursuit of equitable, sustainable, low-emission development.

It concluded that governments of the South must stop payment of illegitimate debts, reallocate resources away from debt service and military expenditures, institute tax justice, stop unfair trade agreements and end the massive net outflow of resources from South to North.