Lobby actionsAside from the mobilizations and press conferences organized by JSAPMDD and its network, the alliance also conducted lobby activities during the UNFCCC Bangkok Intersessionals from April 3 to 8, 2011.

JSAPMDD members from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan respectively met with their country delegations to get information on the developments of the climate talks as well as to put forward the alliance's position and calls regarding climate change.

Resource materials articulating JSAPMDD's position and demands were also circulated among the country delegations.

JSAPMDD further arranged for a space in front of the UNESCAP building to post photos, streamers and other visual materials. Alliance members approached those about to enter the UN climate talks venue and asked for their endorsements by signing on to a statement that called for reparations for the climate debt developed countries owed to South nations.

Lobby actions 2At the same time, the JSAPMDD Secretariat joined the afternoon meetings of climate advocates coming from Friends of the Earth International, Third World Network, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, Institute of Governance and Sustainable Development, Focus on the Global South, among others. These regular meetings were held to share updates and information, discuss analysis on the ongoing talks, strategize on the content of statements and plan press conferences.

JSAPMDD was also slated to deliver a one-minute intervention during the plenary of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA). However, because the agenda of the AWG-LCA was only approved in the evening of the last day of the climate talks, the one-minute intervention was postponed for the next UNFCCC Intersessionals in Bonn this June.