JSAPMDD Regional Coordinator Lidy Nacpil was one of the speakers in a global gathering dubbed "Debt and Austerity: From the Global South to Europe" held in Athens, Greece from May 6 to 8, 2011. The conference was supported by: the European Network on Debt and Development, the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt, the Bretton Woods Project UK, Research Money and Finance, Debt and Development Coalition Ireland, Afri (Action from Ireland), WEED, World Economy Environment Development, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK, the Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización Spain.

The conference brought together debt justice and social justice activists from Europe and the Global South. As debt and austerity create inequality and poverty within Europe, the event aimed to work towards developing a common understanding of the financial crisis among trade unions, social movements and NGOs, as well as focusing on forming coherent plans for common activities and demands for economic justice. The meeting also sought to formally support the launch the call for a debt audit commission in Greece.

In the session The global problem of debt: debt crises in the global South, Lidy Nacpil provided an introduction to global crises in the South. She and the other speakers – Mimoun Rahmani from Morocco, Fathi Chamki from Tunisia, and Nick Dearden from the UK – presented the roots and current situation of the debt crises in the South, including specific country cases, the role of the IMF, and the links between debt and tax justice in Northern and Southern countries. Meanwhile, in the session Experience of debt audits from around globe, Lidy shared the Philippines' experience in the campaign for debt audits.

More than 400 activists in Greece and campaigners and academics from across the world participated in the event.