Workshop on National Climate Finance Structures, Processes and PoliciesA workshop on National Climate Finance Structures, Processes and Policies was held on April 1 at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel. The workshop is aimed at 1) further developing a common platform for national structures, processes and policies on Climate Finance, to the extent possible and helpful, and 2) providing a venue for exchange of ideas and experiences in campaigning on national climate finance issues, with special focus on the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Bert Martin of Oxfam International provided a presentation on Country-Level Governance of Adaptation Finance. He shared the initial results of a study in 7 countries namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Philippines, Tajikistan and Viet Nam. He presented the study's recommendations which included that government leadership must be placed at the center of the program.

Red Constantino from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities discussed climate finance and the Philippine development agenda. He said that it is essential to mainstream climate change into national development agenda as certain processes allow for civil society to intervene in the agenda. He added that the more climate finance is mainstreamed, the more government is forced to challenge its own goals.

After Mr. Constantino's discussion, a sharing of campaign initiatives by JSAPMDD members from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India was undertaken. These initiatives included participation in national processes, street actions, research, postcard campaign, seminars, monitoring government's climate fund, media work, among others.

Milo Tanchuling concluded the workshop stressing that the role of the WB and IFIs is very much felt even in the face of resistance. He pointed out the need to continue monitoring finance flows, sharing information and building up the campaign.