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The Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD) condemns the unjust arrest of one of our leaders, Saeed Baloch, by paramilitary forces in Pakistan last January 16, and demands his immediate release.

Release Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum SecGen Saeed Baloch

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Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, SAAPE Food Sovereignty Campaign focal organisation in Pakistan, organised a seminar on the topic of "land mafia, feudalism and food sovereignty."

International Day of Action for People’s Food Sovereignty and against Trans-national Corporations observed in Pakistan© Khalid Mahmood

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Entire globe is experiencing water crisis. South Asia in particular is marred with complex and multidimensional aspects of water crises. Not only the availability of water has declined, but also its health has been badly affected.

People’s Caravan under the Campaign of “Keep Rivers Free”© Pakistan Paedia

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Any scheme that further diverts water of the Indus River or Indus Delta should be rejected at the same time that the tail-end of the river must be rehabilitated in order to arrest the total ecological destruction of the region.

Diversion of Indus River Delta Water Rejected by National Water Conference Participants

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A large number of peasants, hailing from remote villages of Jamshoro district, joined the rally to observe Global Week of Action for Climate Justice, started from November 12 to 17, 2012 on Wednesday.

Fisherfolk, peasants observe Global Week of Action for Climate Justice