Protestors from the Freedom from Debt Coalition, Philippine Movement for Climate (PMCJ) and JSAPMDD marched to the US Embassy in Manila on November 24 to demand for climate justice, particularly for the US and Annex 1 countries to honor their historical responsibilities, curb their GhG emissions and provide reparations for their climate debt.

The protest action, which is part of the "Week of Global Actions for Climate Justice", served as a build-up activity towards the 17th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC in Durban, South Africa.

The march was lively and colorful as the participants shouted slogans and danced in the streets. During the program, speakers from different organizations of marginalized sectors lambasted the US government for dominating the climate negotiations, avoiding its responsibilities for climate change and pushing for the World Bank to be interim trustee in the Green Climate Fund. The speakers also spoke of the irreversible effects of climate change on their sectors and communities.

In between the speeches, community youth artists performed on stage and women leaders explained the impacts of climate change issue through a beauty pageant skit.

The protest action was attended by about 600 climate justice activists coming from more than ten sectoral organizations and political blocs affiliated and allied with either FDC or PMCJ. Most of the participants were women from urban poor communities in and around Metro Manila.

The activity was the largest climate justice mobilization in the Philippines involving women, labor, professionals, youth as well as urban and rural poor communities from Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It was also the first time that a climate justice mobilization was held in front of the US embassy to demand the US government to cut its carbon emissions and pay reparations for its climate debts.