published in The New Nation.

Bangladeshi and international civil society networks at aseminar in Durban have demanded a new United Nation protocol for climate induced migrants.

Twelve civil society networks-six each from Bangladesh and international organised the UNFCCC CoP 17 side event.

The civil society networks include BAPA, BIPNet, CCDF, CSRL,EquityBD, NCCB, Jubilee South APMDD, LDC Watch, SAAPE, 350 org, and TCOE,according to a press released issued by EquityBD from Durban.

Addressing the function as the chief guest, Dr. QuaziKhaliquzzaman, head of Bangladesh government delegation, said though Bangladesh succeeded to include a para on climate induced migrants in Cancun agreement but the total negotiation process, promises and practices of developed countries is not encouraging.

He mentioned there are hardly any global leaders who can come up with bold decision, he feels that every single dollars being spend in Durban seems wastage of money. In his presentation, Golam Rabbani focused onreferences from different global studies saying that one in each forty-fivepersons in the world would be climate induced migrants.

He proposed policy actions in this regard either they could be categorized as universal natural person and need of new UN protocol.

Janet Redmen and Elena Gijaberra mentioned that if there will be climate financing under international financial institutions and if there will be inclusion of private financing and corporations then there will be more displacement as those agencies has biasness for larger infrastructure projects.

Juan Carlos narrated his personal story that how he has been displaced from his own home town of Peru, due to the climate change impacts.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD and Dr Ahsan Uddin ofCSRL jointly moderated the function. Members of the panelists include JuanCarlos Soriano of 350 Org, Janet Redmen of Institute of Policy Studies, USA andElena Girebizza of CRBM, Itally. Golam Rabbani of CCDF made a key note presentation and Dr. Abdul Matin of BAPA gave the vote of thanks.

Apart from designated panelist, Michelle Yonetani from IDMCand NRC, Laurie Goering from Reuters, Jespreet Kindra from UNIRIN, HeleneConnor from Helio International, Ziual Haque Mukta from Oxfam, Kamal Ahmed fromUNDP, and Mizanur Rahaman Bijoy from NCCB, among the participants, also spoke on the occasion.

In conclusion Dr Ahsan Uddin plea to Annex 1 i.e. developed countries to take responsibility of these entire climate induced migrants.

Dr. Matin of BAPA mentioned that in view of 1948 UNdeclaration of human rights these people must have their right to life andlivelihood.