Today, the US is poised on an enterprise it knows best – warmongering – to shape and control the affairs of peoples and nation-states for its own ends. No other country on earth has military presence that stretches across more than 170 countries, more than 1,000 military bases and the biggest military budget in the world.

Again, US officials are sure of their facts, and President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, is trumpeting them as the basis for a “limited” military strike on Syria. Just a few years ago, they were also certain of the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, which the US itself encouraged when Saddam Hussein was still in its good graces; accordingly, Bush spun a war of aggression around it.

Syria is already in deep turmoil, with various powers and interests circling like vultures to see which pawns can move their agenda. Singling out Syria lets slip the powerful Israeli lobby behind US’ military directions in the region to bring to heel Iraq, Iran and now Syria. A military strike on Syria by the US or any other foreign power, no matter how limited, can only deepen internal divisions, add to the bloodshed and further exacerbate human suffering. As America’s own record shows, no act of aggression can be limited, nor can the devastation left in its wake be contained.

Countless interventions of the US in Syria as well as in many other countries worldwide have resulted in dire, far-reaching socio-economic and political consequences. Unspeakable abuses have been committed by the arrogance of this imperial power that altruistically, or so it seems, “refuses to stand idly by” in the face of human suffering. At the instigation of this self-anointed vanguard of democracy, entire regions in Asia and the Middle East have and continue to be geo-politically re-drawn, whole populations have been displaced and devastated, countries carved up and pitted against each other in a grand scheme of divide-and-rule, to regain, or promote and assert the domination of US economic and political interests.

But this government that claims it refuses to stand idly by in the face of atrocities and human rights violations, did not lift a finger when troops of its former ally Saddam Hussein killed 5,000 Kurds with chemical weapons in 1988; the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations continued to send aid to Iraq after the massacre. It did not deploy its armed might in self-righteous anger when Israel dropped phosphorous bombs on Gaza and killed and maimed Palestinian children. In fact, no move has been made by the US for the disarmament of the chemical stockpiles and nuclear weaponry of both Israel and Egypt.

We stand in solidarity with the Syrian people in resisting this latest bullying from the US, led by no less than President Obama. We are sovereign peoples with the right to self-determination and we must refuse to stand idly by in the face of another transgression of this right, especially one in the guise of democratic stewardship and humanitarian concern.

We condemn in the strongest terms the US government’s moves to launch a unilateral attack Syria and call on peoples of the South to oppose and resist all its militarist, economic and political designs and interventions in other parts of the world.

NO to US intervention in Syria! Resist all wars of aggression!

Uphold and defend the sovereign right of peoples to self-determination!

Endorsed by:

Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD)

South Asian Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE)

LDC Watch

Nabodhara (Bangladesh)

Resource Integration Centre (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh Satyo Sramik Jote

Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF)

All Nepal Women's Association (ANWA)

All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (ANPFa)

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF)

Freedom from Debt Coalition (Philippines)

Centre for Environmental Justice/Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka

Photo Courtesy of Euroweb